Be Bold. Take back rest.

We believe you can.

Meditation is now a scientifically proven tool for health, healing, and relaxation. What if you could receive all the benefits of meditation while experiencing deep sleep lying down?


We have a true passion for well-rested women.


At Bold Tranquility we help women go from worn out to well-rested using yoga nidra, a uniquely powerful sleep-based meditation technique.  We have designed a meditation system and complementary programs around the concept that for women to live healthy purpose-driven lives they must be well-rested and remember who they are.

 Our sleep meditations help you rock the world, dream big, start movements, raise children, and be authentically yourself - from a well-rested place.


By rotating attention through 5 levels of your being we use yoga nidra naps to help you:

Rest your body deeply,

Release layers of exhaustion by letting go of what no longer serves you,

Rise up and give "birth" to the frankest expression of who you are.


All of this is done, lying down, listening to a guided voice.

Our 20 minute guided meditations are like short naps inviting you to lie down, get some rest, and imagine a life that you desire without the pressure to be perfect or please others. (women are so done with perfect, right?). We're inviting you to slow down, do nothing, and step into your well-rested woman.

Yes, it's "nap" time for women. Finally.

The world encourages women to serve others first, strive for success at any cost, and view rest as a sign of weakness. Bold Tranquility supports you to change this model, to take back rest in your life first, and use the power of a yoga nidra "nap" to live your purpose.

We'll help you create space for more rest and quiet time, reclaiming your creative spirit, and use this awakened power to lead lying down - with sisterhood, fun, and hammocks (for yoga nidra naps of course!).

Women who use our meditations tell us yoga nidra naps help them:

Get better sleep

Feel deeply rested

Heal from physical, mental, and spiritual pain

Let go of ancestral patterns and habits

Create peaceful intimate relationships

Overcome anxiety and depression

Feel like themselves again

Feel joyful and at peace

I would recommend these yoga nidra meditations to anyone - in fact I told four friends about it and they all started the meditations and told me how it was working for them too! After a few days I noticed my intention for my life was taking place, in a very quiet but positive way.
— Jane in Illinois

Who We Are

Karen Brody

Karen is Bold Tranquility's founder, yoga nidra cheerleader, mother of two teenagers, and a critically-acclaimed writer. She helps women visionaries around the world lead from a well-rested place.

Soon after discovering yoga nidra, Karen wrote the play Birth and started a global theater-for-social-change movement, raising awareness and over $1 million to improve maternity care around the world. She also got off of anxiety medication after years of crippling panic attacks, especially when her children were young. This kick started her deep love for yoga nidra. (What woman doesn't want to lie down, do nothing, and feel great again?).

Initially, Karen worked with pregnant moms and then trained birth professionals in her unique BOLD Method for Birth empowerment program, using the principles and practices of yoga nidra as a cornerstone. Seeing how successful this method was at helping women give birth to babies, Karen began to test out her method with women who were "pregnant" with ideas. This lay the foundation for Bold Tranquility, a movement to help women take back rest.

Karen knows only too well how lack of rest leads many women into a state of severe exhaustion, poor health, and mental confusion. She was this woman until she discovered yoga nidra meditation. Now certified in the Amrit Method of yoga nidra and trained in level 1 iRest yoga nidra, Karen has coached thousands of women visionaries using this ancient sleep=based meditation technique.

Karen speaks at women's conferences, writes for national magazines, and has been profiled in magazines.

When Karen's not cheerleading yoga nidra you can find her writing, drinking a green juice, laying in a hammock, practicing yoga nidra in her 'rest cave,' listening to Michael Franti, hiking a mountain, shooting hoops or eating Indian food with her boys and husband. 

why Karen's a yoga nidra meditation cheerleader

Favorite Quote

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Alston Taggart

Alston is ridiculously passionate about creating designs that make a difference. The moment she found out about Bold Tranquility she said YES to helping us design our brand because she knew in her soul that women need rest and being a yoga teacher she had experienced the power of yoga nidra meditation. Most days you'll find her designing in her Studio Red for us or the World Wildlife Federation and other organizations spreading goodness around the world. Outside of work Alston makes costumes out of recycled materials with her two deliciously adorable twin girls Mila and Freya.

Favorite Quote

"Work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching." - Satchel Paige


Events & Programs

We offer online and in-person programs to help women leaders embrace their well-rested woman. Click on the image below for more information.


There's a Bold Tranquility Meditation for Every Woman.


Our sleep-based meditations help visionary women break the cycle of fatigue, sleep better, and awaken power.

I gave myself the 1-year Well-Rested Woman yoga nidra meditation journey as a gift of rest to myself and what a blessing it has been for me! I have surrendered to this being my primary meditation practice for now. My body, mind and spirit are so thankful that I did this! You will love Karen Brody’s soothing voice! Thank you Bold Tranquility!!
— Denise Kennedy, New Mexico
Give yourself the gift of rest for one year. You'll receive a new meditation each week.

Give yourself the gift of rest for one year. You'll receive a new meditation each week.

Solitude awaits. These 7 twenty minute yoga nidra meditations will restore your body, improve your sleep, and clear your mind.

Solitude awaits. These 7 twenty minute yoga nidra meditations will restore your body, improve your sleep, and clear your mind.

Bliss out at bedtime. Seven 20 minute yoga nidra meditations to help you fall asleep easier and get back to sleep when you need it, 

Bliss out at bedtime. Seven 20 minute yoga nidra meditations to help you fall asleep easier and get back to sleep when you need it, 


Yoga nidra is a sleep-based meditation "nap."


It's a centuries old all-natural sleep aid,  ideal for women who can't sleep or women who don't get enough sleep during pregnancy, parenting and menopause.

We call yoga nidra a 21st century power nap for women because it's widely touted that 30 minutes of yoga nidra feels like 4 times that amount of sleep in your body. Yep. Yoga nidra takes you to sleep consciously allowing your to de-stress, deeply relax, and shed layers of exhaustion.

While you can do yoga nidra sitting down, it’s the only form of meditation where you are encouraged to lie down. (YES - squeal!).  How about lying down now and giving it a try? Here's a 20 minute yoga nidra nap from our Good Sleep Series.


At Bold Tranquility we help you take back rest using yoga nidra meditation. Through our Take Back Rest Sisterhood, shop and programs, we shake our yoga nidra pom poms as you rest deeply and awaken your power.


Yoga nidra meditation is so

simple to grasp

that even people with

no yoga or meditation background

can easily use it and

receive all the benefits.




What Women Are Saying

Bold Tranquility has made a tremendous impact in my waking and sleeping life! Both were greatly improved after a few sessions!
— Mary in Arizona
I feel excitement for having been guided to a meditation system that has immediate positive results!
— Denise in New Mexico
I never caught up on my ability to sleep even though I’m now a grandma. But I seem to be sleeping more deeply with Bold Tranquility’s yoga nidra. How can something so simple make a difference after all the sleep aids I’ve tried? Can hardly believe— but am going to continue the practice.
— Karen C. in Colorado
I noticed after doing your yoga nidra that I am more at peace with “just doing nothing” in my day to day life. Just sitting on the couch once in a while. Just lying down for a bit. I love it. I am still a very active person, but I am very grateful for the reminder I got that resting is not the same as being lazy. And that rest is essential. For everything.
— Monique in The Netherlands
I have always been one of those women that says about rest, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” But one day, as I sat on the edge of my bed weeping from exhaustion, stress, and day to day overwhelming needs of motherhood, wife, canine and human, I thought of Karen Brody talking about yoga nidra, and how she knew I could truly benefit from this type of meditation. I was a prime candidate for yoga nidra. If anyone needed rest, sleep and a peaceful mind it was me. So in desperate need of relief, I signed up for her free 21 day yoga nidra meditation challenge. And I want to say “THANK YOU Karen Brody for putting women first, for helping us to know we have a choice and that we are not alone, our strength is within and it only takes “15 MINUTES!” That’s my new number. You have given me a gift, that I can now give myself “REST!” - through BOLD Tranquility’s yoga nidra meditation. It means so much to know I have someone like Karen’s soothing voice watching over me for “15 MINUTES!” Thank you.
— Caté in Maryland
Bold Tranquility’s yoga nidra meditations have been so beneficial for me. Being diagnosed recently with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I found the meditations to jump start my mind, body and spirit to a healthier version of myself. The recordings were easy to follow. I am more relaxed, rest better at night and have a feeling of being held in the sacredness of rest. I will continue daily to infuse Yoga Nidra into my lifestyle. I am a well-rested woman who has a new tool for rejuvenation. Thank you so much!
— Cindy in Virginia
I am recuperating from a broken arm and my normal activity level is curtailed which has made me depressed. Bold Tranquility’s yoga nidra meditations were priceless for me during this stressful time.
— Elaine in Georgia
While lying down practicing your yoga nidra I had this moment of knowing that a good change in my life is possible - that I don’t have to believe in all those things that are stressing me out. I’ve got two words for every woman: TRY IT!
— Jo
I loved the chiming bell at start and stop of each meditation. it put me “in the mood.” I also felt more in touch with my body, this was an immediate effect. I also breathed deeper during the day, and amazingly had a revelation that self care can happen throughout the day and is not something to “fit in” if there is time.
— Joanne in Ohio
Though your yoga nidra was but 20 minutes of my day, it helped me to slow down in all aspects of my life. My husband jokes that I have two speeds: fast and asleep. Somehow the daily practice created more mindfulness in all of my day.
— Teddy in Florida
My first Bold Tranquility yoga nidra session - wow!! even with my cat sitting there licking my face for the first few minutes, I could really see how this was helpful!
— Spring in Canada
I felt much better rested, and had many more memorable dreams than I’ve had since I was a child.
— Veronica in Washington
I have to say I think of Karen Brody like ‘lavender essential oil’... it’s soothing and comforting and brilliant and very helpful and it’s a ‘go to oil’... I had a wonderful experience with private yoga nidra coaching sessions with Karen Brody...she’s a great, caring woman with tremendous life experience and resources and depth of knowledge and insight...just what I needed in this very busy frenetic world.
— Christine in Florida